Career Strategies for New Comers


Moving to a new country can be a challenging and daunting task for individuals and families alike.

Here are some strategies to help you jump start your career:

Know what you are looking for: Plan for your career by knowing your career path and only apply for jobs that fit your needs. Although applying for every job opening might be compelling, you must plan with a long term career path in mind in order to achieve the desired success.

Join the network: An established network can give you many advantages. People primarily do business with people they know or have heard good recommendations from their peers for. You can start by joining community groups and interest groups. You may also volunteer at local places and connect with people there.

Online Presence: Professional social media platforms, like LinkedIn can also help build your network. Your networks further connect you with new people. Online platforms increase your reach. You can also follow company accounts to express your interest in them.

Be patient: Just because you know a lot of people does not guarantee that they can provide you with the opportunities that you await. Building an effective network is key. Connecting with the right people takes time, so it is important to be patient.

Develop your communication skills: Focus on developing your communication skills. In Canada, this means having a high level of English language ability. Knowing French or any other language in addition will further strengthen your profile. Reading books can also help enhance your communication skills and knowledge.

Seek help: If you have any questions about your Resume or need help looking for a job, you may reach out and ask for help. There are many employment services, both government and private that offer services to help you with your job search.

KANATAJOB.COM is one such platform. Our aim is to serve as the voice of all Canadian job seekers including individuals from underrepresented groups, namely the Aboriginal community, the homeless, persons with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities, and new comers to Canada. We help you connect with employer who believe in the importance of giving locals the first opportunity at no cost. Simply create your profile and start applying for jobs.

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