Interview Tip: Don’t forget to Smile


You have seven seconds to create an impression. On average, it takes anywhere between three to seven seconds for people to form a first impression. Since first impressions are nearly impossible to change, it is important that you come across as a strong, confident individual within the first few seconds of your job interview. The first few seconds are crucial and helps decide whether you land the job or not. These “opinions” or “impressions” are based on your appearance, manners and body language. This is where your smile plays an important role.

When you first walk in for an interview, it is important to greet your interviewer with a smile. From your first meeting, employers can see how approachable you are and how comfortable customers will be when they interact with you.

Employees represent the company and smiling plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction.

An employee with a bad attitude towards their work can instantly ruin the customer’s perception of the company. Hence, it is important to understand that every employer is looking for an individual who is approachable and easy to talk to.

How smiling can increase your chances of landing your desired job:

  • Smiling reflects your confidence – A genuine smile helps the employer know that you are comfortable, confident and have a positive attitude towards others. A smile will help set a friendly tone for the relationship that follows with your employer. Smiling also gives the employer an idea of how well you will come across as to their customers.
  • Smiling helps establish a good first impression – A smile can help you create a good first impression and also help create a pleasant environment for your interview. Smiling will also make you feel at ease and help boost your confidence.
  • Smiling shows interest – A smile can ensure that you are taken seriously and respected for showing interest towards the company.

A blank expression may imply that you are there just for the sake of getting a job and that you really are not interested in the company or the employer interviewing you.

But it is also important to remember that a forced smile is more detrimental to your interview than not smiling at all. While a simple smile shows confidence and can help you get the job, smiling too much or forcing a smile may give the impression that you are arrogant or that you are there to seek approval.

Smiling should be natural. If you find yourself having to constantly remind yourself to smile, you’re forcing it. You may also loose focus and miss what the employer has to say, in which case you’re doing more harm than good.

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