Think before you post anything publicly


Having a positive presence online is just as important as having a positive attitude during a job interview. Employers use social media to gain a better understanding of your behavior outside of work. Never broadcast information that could possibly turn away a good employment opportunity.

Recruiters may also ask questions regarding/referring to the information gained directly from your social media profiles. More than 90% of recruiters from around the globe review the applicant’s social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Remember recruiters can access your public profiles even if you don’t provide them with one.

Social media platforms are also accessed to ensure that your online information is consistent with your resume. This is extremely important for professional platforms such as LinkedIn. Nearly all employers use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. LinkedIn has become a major component of the hiring process followed by Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you always post information related to your field of interest and express yourself in ways that you would feel comfortable sharing with recruiters and your future co-workers. Build a reputable online presence by connecting with people you can help or the ones who can help you. Engage and be proactive with your communications.

Never post negative content including bad language, alcohol/drug references, sexual posts, spelling and grammar mistakes, bad mouthing old employers, company, friends or colleagues. For instance, if you emphasize that you have a positive work ethic during your interview but you regularly complain about work or your past employers online; may impede your ability to land your dream job.

Don’t be afraid of using social media platforms. Having an active social media presence displays that you are moving with the times. Use your social media profiles to your benefit. Find the right balance between expressing yourself as you are and the way you would like to be perceived by your future co-workers.

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